Home of Women in Hoodies Radio Show & The WooWoo Hour Podcast. Future home of the Tell Our Visions SBGN (Solution Based Good News) Network.

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Women in Hoodies

The ToV Network is on air 24/7 with past broadcasts. You’ll catch Women in Hoodies live on air Sundays at 9 am PST / 12 pm EST returning January 7th!

The WooWoo Hour Podcast airs on the 1st Thursday of every month returning in February!

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The Tell Our Visions News Network

The Revolution will be Podcast!

The Tell Our Vision News Network is a solution based good news network. It will began as a monthly podcast that will feature local communities, small businesses, organizations, and individuals solving problems and meeting the needs of their communities through people power.

Each podcast will be complete with information on how to contact or additional reading for each change maker/visionary covered so anyone listening can use it as an example to bring similar solutions to their own communities, lives, and businesses.

If you are already a part of, or know a community, organization, business or individual that is spreading their vision and tackling real problems through unconventional means we want to hear from you! Tell us about your successes and failures, be real about your struggles and victories. We know what’s wrong with the world, it’s time to Tell Our Vision how to fix it!

Email us at changemaker@tellourvisions.com. The more detail you provide us the better!